Friday, February 19, 2010

In the beginning

My first crush was a blue-eyed blonde kid named Joe, he looked like Macauley Culkin
from his "Home Alone" years. My first boyfriend was a kid named Joe (seriously, this is
not a typo), he looked like Michael Jackson from the Jackson 5 years.
I'm thankful to my parents that I was raised in an environment that was multi-cultural
from the start. I didn't know how important that would later be, growing up with an
appreciation for those who were of a different race that I am.
In grade school, my "play cousin" was Mexican, my friends were European, Asian,
Latino, and African-American, of course. I'd never felt "different" in school, sure I knew we
all had perhaps, different origins, cultures, and religions, but I'd never felt that it mattered
to the extend of "better or worse than", I'm thankful to say I still don't.
In middle school, my boyfriend's name was John, he looked like the rapper, Nas.
In high school my "first love", Sam, looked kinda like the singer, T-Pain, dreds and all.
I grew up a Prince fan and that, I think, shaped my creativity and my love for rock, house and alternative music ;and all things eccentric. You can't be a Prince fan and not be drawn to
every type of music! And I first loved what I consider to be the greatest years of hip hop,
the late 80s-early 90s, then there was also a fusion of every type of music, style and
Remember Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Salt-n-Pepa, Run-DMC with the Aerosmith
collabo? I've been an Aerosmith fan ever since! In the 80s everything seemed to crossover,
everyone listened to the same music...Madonna...Michael Jackson...Prince,
we watched the same shows...The Cosby Show...Wonder Years...Family Ties...Fame,
re-runs of Three's Company, Good Times, and The Jeffersons, Miami Vice, what?!
I was in loooove with Philip Michael Thomas and had a soft spot for anyone who looked
like him for many years. In my childhood memories, it all seemed good, as all childhood memories should. But then, remember that pail I mentioned earlier?
Well, the drops started coming.

Helen Willis, the Zebress

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