Monday, March 1, 2010

From Morocco With Love by Iman via Essence Magazine

What do red carpet veterans Salma Hayek, Debra Messing, Marion Cotillard, Renee Zellweger, Katy Perry and yours truly have in common? We are all lovers of MoroccanOil! I discovered it while hosting Project Runway Canada for 2 seasons--my hair dresser in Toronto, the fabulous Janet Jackson (not THE JJ) introduced me to the benefits of this extraordinary line that works brilliantly on both straight and curly hair. MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream leaves hair bouncy, shiny and frizz free (which I really needed, because all of my ever-changing hairstyles on Project Runway left my strands frazzled and damaged).

If you didn't know, let me confide in you that I love wearing wigs. Five years ago, I decided I'd had enough of hair extensions, and wanted to start taking care of my "real" hair. I know that many of us who've been wearing extensions for a long time can start to think that it is our hair... but, girl, let's face it is not! I should know--I almost feel that I was part of the "invention" of hair extensions. Let me clarify it ... some twenty years ago I was traveling to Paris for the couture shows, and my hair stylist Ellin Lavar decided to experiment this fascinating technique on my hair. Voila: in a mere ten hours I was transformed.

Fast-forward to five years ago, and hairdresser extraordinaire Oscar James has introduced me to wigs! He not only styles the wigs, but he colors them and even darkens the roots at the part so it looks natural. I love that I can wear different styles in different lengths, which gives me multiple red carpet options--but I also love that wigs allow me to take care of my own hair, which has bounced back to health after years of being neglected.

And this is where Morrocanoil comes in. The product instantly absorbs into my hair without any residue. Plus, it offers the rare benefit of strengthening and reconditioning the hair while also adding fabulous, frizz-free luster. Almost all of us need some type of cream/oil in our hair, and I'm all for Morrocanoil Argan Oil blend, a fantastic, vitamin-rich serum that's harvested under a free trade program that provides socioeconomic support to families in Morocco's Souss-Massa region. The revenue from this project provides income to families and helps improve the working conditions of rural women. This is one of the many great reasons why I'm happy not to wear extensions any more (especially after seeing Chris Rock's "Good Hair"...remember the journey of hair from India?).

I know now i am taking care of my own natural God given hair while doing good.... and that is a good thing! has a complete list of Moroccanoil salons closest to you.

NB.... I am not under a contract or endorsement deal with Moroccanoil.... just wanted to share my own personal view

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