Monday, March 1, 2010

Is Black Love Under Attack?

I initially started this blog as a response to a recent issue of Essence Magazine that explored the backlash it received after having Reggie Bush on its cover but when I read one of the readers comments, it spoke volumes to me and there really wasn't much else to say.
Unfortunately, he or she didn't leave a name. But here is the comment:

Why does black love have to be between two black people? Isn’t black love any love that comes fr. someone who is of the black persuasion or who loves someone who is black. It’s a good thing for people to date and love outside their economic level, local community, culture, and yes race – it promotes understanding and ultimately leads to people treating each other better. We are all God’s children, so why keep buying into separatist, racist ideals of segregation? Let’s love each other as God loves us all.

What do you think

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