Friday, March 19, 2010

Sistas Seriously You've got to Get Over It!

(Ok so I said I was content on not commenting about this article...maybe not).
Dr. Phil has said, "Spend 5% of your time trying to figure out if you screwed up or got a
raw deal and 95% of your time trying to figure out what you are going to do about it".
Sistas, I love you, but you have got to get over this "black men dating non-black
women" thing.I read an article in the March issue of Essence by blogger Jamilah Lemieux (beautiful
name) that bothered me. She made a statement that had me SMH. She said, "How can
black women be expected to gladly share this already small dating pool with women who
are not lacking options?". WHAT??????????????????What are we? Chopped liver?
I don't know about you all, but I have never had a problem attracting men of any race and
let me tell you, I have loved one race more than the last! Surely, you can appreciate the
beauty of a man of a different race can't you?CNN's Roland Martin (whom I luv) was on Fox news and in regards to Tiger Woods' mistresses mentioned, I paraphrasing, "Every black woman (not this black woman) who sees a black man with a non-black woman on his arm feels bad about herself, ultimately thinking, 'I wasn't good enough for that black man'". Are you people crazy? No one walking the face of this earth, who bleeds like you bleed should have the power to make you feel anything about yourself.
Sistas listen, did Asian women complain that Asian men apparently don't have whatever
it is they are looking for? No, they went out and got themselves some white men!
Did the Kardashians complain that there weren't enough half-Armenians to choose from?
No, they went out and got themselves some of the brothas you all wanted! Only 10% of those who marry are interracial couples, if you don't like those odds I'll advise you too not take part in the stock market.
Jamilah Lemieux mentioned Kobe Bryant, Quincy Jones, John Legend and Keenan Ivory
Wayans...really, Jamilah? What about Barack Obama? Will Smith? Denzel Washington?
Sam Jackson? Chris Rock? LL Cool J? Steve Harvey? Jay-Z? Boris Kodjoe? Wyclef?
Don Cheadle? Forest Whittaker? Emmett Smith? Laurence Fishburne? Are you kidding
me? Jamilah Lemieux mentioned that baby mama, Heidi Klum "snagged" Seal (Seal? Really?)
but didn't Shaq's wife have a couple kids when they got married? And remember how you all
pounced on Usher's wife? She was a super-baby-mama wasn't she?
Looks to me like black ladies are doing just fine! So quit your bellyaching!
Listen, my man is European and he is the best man I've ever known of any race!
I will always love black men, they are my family, but I can fall in love with whomever I
want! Ain't love grand?

PS Sistas if you still desire the attention of every black man in a room, show up with a
white one!

If you feel this whole argument is a waste of time, let me know what you think.

Helen Willis, the Zebress

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