Friday, March 19, 2010

We All Are One

My pastor, Donnie McCLurkin sings a song, "We All Are One", this isn't just utopian
ideology, this is a Godly and scientific fact. There's a program coming on tonight, "Who
Do You Think You Are?" that is very intriguing. I saw the last program that featured one
of my favorite running backs, the NFL Hall of Famer, Emmett Smith.
"No one is 100%" the genealogist told him. This was something I always knew.
Since humankind originated in Africa, where I believe the garden of Eden is,
where I believe Adam and Eve, humankind's original ancestors resided, we must all be
connected, ALL of us. But I did learn something from this program and Henry Louis
Gates Jr.s' program, Faces of America, on PBS. "We All Are One".
I'm thought I'd made amends with the idea that I would never know my African ancestry,
Like Emmett, I thought my search would end with the slave owner who purchased my
descendants from our African ancestors (which I learned they are still doing to this very
day!). But this program brought to light that I already know my lineage and it didn't end
on a plantation. The last names of my parents may not have only been the names of my
ancestors slave owners, but of those whose blood I share family.
I may not be in the will or be listed on certain family trees, but the blood that runs through
my veins, ran through the same veins of those who considered my ancestors property.
This has been evidenced time and time again. So maybe one day I'll start connecting a
few a dots, it'd be interesting to know. So to that end, like it or not, black people, white
people, Natives, Asians, we are ALL multiracial,"We All Are One".
But the best part of it all, if you believe, you already know where to start and where to
end your search for who you are in Christ.

So who do you think you are?


Helen Willis, the Zebress

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