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Monday, June 21, 2010

Chad Johnson aka Chad Ochocinco

Recent comments by Chad Johnson Ochocinco regarding black woman, call to mind the
reason I started this blog. Now for the record, I must state that as a football fan, I think
Chad Johnson Ochocinco is an idiot, I always have,this has nothing to do with his field performance, I'm talking about him. And normally I don't comment on things people I believe to be idiots say.
That said, I'd like to take this moment to reinforce something I feel strongly about,
black American woman. No other race of women have had to endure the hardships and
challenges that we have. We are the strongest, most loving, most loyal, supportive, and
genuine people I know, I just wish more of us knew that.
Black American woman have been largely and publicly rejected in many ways by both
men of our own race and those of other races as well, i.e. Chad Johnson Ochocinco.
Women of other races have often not considered us their equals.
As far back as the boxer, Jack Johnson to today's black American athletes,i.e. Chad Johnson Ochocinco, there is rarely a second thought given to how disrespectful comments might affect us.
If I was a black man with love for my black mother, I would never disrespect another
black woman under any circumstances. If I was a black man with love for my black
people, I would never disrespect another black person where race is concerned.
Yes, I too have generalized before, but I also kept it to myself and decided that it would
serve black men best, if I chose to celebrate my choice in mate instead of vilifying
I'll reiterate why I started this blog. I'd had a few encounters with black men, concerning
the white men in my life through the years. I recall one recent heated "debate" with a
black man, whom I'd just met, who insinuated that I should be ashamed or feel badly
about my man. Like I shouldn't love him, adore him, cherish him like I would have had he
been black. Again, I didn't intend to make my relationships "a thing", being as how I just
started dating white men exclusively. But I couldn't ignore the fact that my personal,
private relationship sparked a furor in black men that I had never seen before, even more
so than when I had dated Latino men.
And I get it, I do. I know my history, I love my history and I accept the good with the bad,
but I also know that we cannot continue to hold every white person accountable for the
sins of their ancestors whom they will never know. But also, if you look back, during
many of our most difficult times, including slavery, there were some white people,
somewhere in this country and others, who stood by us against their own people's popular
ideology. Does that not account for anything?
Despite all this, when asked, I tell young, black girls to be open to boys of other races
when it comes to dating, you'll have more options. Don't think you are pigeon-holed into
ANY space just because of whom you happen to be. I don't feel the need to be a "black
man basher" to "justify" a choice I, as a grown-ass woman, have chosen to make. I don't
have to tear anyone down to build myself up. Jesus told His disciples that if you enter a
place or are in a situation where you are being dishonored, leave and go where you will be
celebrated instead of tolerated, this holds true in all cases.
All this said, I think the despicable, Chad Johnson Ochocinco, made those comments for
the same reason he acts like a jackass on the football field and everywhere else,
for attention. And it works every time.

What do you think? 
Sincerely, Helen Willis, The Zebress

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