Monday, September 19, 2016

How Black is Black? And Who Gets to Decide?

So I was doing research on interracial couples on Youtube and I found Rob and Ro's video, they are the interracial couple form Newlyweds the first year, Season 3. I think they are super cute.
There was a comment that happens to be the first one that was mostly negative. Now I don't like to be that person who bypasses the majority favorable comment to harp on the negative one. And if I were Rob or Ro, I probably wouldn't but I'm not so I will.
The poster accused Rob of only [marrying] Ro because she " talks stereotypically white and has white interests." She later tried to say she said Ro talks "valley" as if none of us could see the comment that was still there. Ro addressed her nicely by saying something to the effect of, some people actually have the audacity to participate in interests that they like, no matter what "color" they may be. This comment was spicy enough for her I guess. But this is an example of self-segregating that many black people love to do. Let's say I like classical music, which I do, and a white person told me that I was not allowed to like classical music because I am black. That would be a problem, can we agree? But there are black people who say that very thing and go as far as to say, I'm trying to be something I am not by liking classical music. What am I? Do they know? Or is that my choice?
And what is my designated "black" hobby or interest? Do you see how dumb that sounds?
"Talking white" is another favorite. How white is talking white? Does Katie Couric talk white enough? Because she doesn't sound like a valley girl to me. What about Hillary Clinton?
How should a black woman talk? Like Alicia Keys? Cookie from Empire? I have a question, was I supposed to hate "Boo Boo Kitty" because of the way she acted and looked? I was never real sure. Never mind, I didn't make it past the first season.

Anyway, this poster criticized Ro for not sounding more like Michelle Obama. An articulate, black woman who does not "talk white." So we should all speak like Michelle Obama. Got it. I'll email Ro right away. Or should we just allow people to express themselves in a manner that suits them best and is fitting with the type of person they are and want to become? Yeah, let's do that. She went on to say that Rob would not be getting any "brownie points" because he was f**ing a black woman. Charming. I'm not sure who gives out the brownie points and what they can be exchanged for but I do know that Rob is doing more than having sex with Ro. She is his wife, the mother of his new baby and this poster sounds like an idiot. I'm done with her.

Others say that most white men date "light-skinned" black women. Youtube videos can chop this nonsense down to size too. What else? Eve and her white step kids? Well, the man she married had kids before they met. And their mother is white. So maybe now that they are married, Eve can send his kids away so they can look a little better. Eve is outnumbered so she needs to level the playing field right? Ridiculous.

Maybe Eve is secretly trying to turn white, she does tend to have blonde hair after all. Meanwhile, the majority of "blonde' Caucasian women are not really blonde but no one accuses them of anything.
They straighten their hair, no one bats an eye. They tan, get butt implants and lip injections.
All features that most attribute to black women. There are some Caucasian who don't "talk white," oh excuse me, "valley" but no one even knows who they are. And by the way, there are people who say that black women most of the above to appeal to Caucasian men. I argue that if a Caucasian man wanted a Caucasian woman, I'm sure he would know where to find one. Blonde hair, white-talking and all. Most of the Caucasian men who date and marry "black" women do so because...wait for it...they actually like them. They marry them because they love them. Perhaps it is because of their skin tone (I mean what's not to love?) or perhaps it is just because of who they are.
Why is that so mindboggling?
Yah bless Rob and Ro and daughter, Eve and family, Jamie and Nikki and all others like us.
Let the haters hate.

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