Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Angry Black Woman's Top 10

Now, I, Helen Willis, am not an angry black woman nor have I ever been accused of being one. But if I were indeed and angry black woman, it might be because:

1. People often consider me last when it comes to beauty, but first when it comes to imitation.
2. I can go to Princeton and Harvard, be a stellar mom, a supportive wife, and the First Lady of the United States and still be called "ghetto" and other offensive names, for no reason.
3. People are always obsessed with what my hair is doing or not doing.
4. When I have a child as a single person I'm trash, but when it comes to women from other ethnic backgrounds it's "unfortunate" or a "mistake."
5. When some men from any ethnicity see me, especially black men, they think it's okay to talk to me in any manner.
6. I am sexualized and objectified more often than any other female; usually by black men.
7. Other black women who should be my allies are more like my enemies and most of them don't even know me.
8. The stats always put  me last in everything positive and first in everything negative.
9. I am often paid less for doing the same jobs as others, male or female, that is if I get the job in the first place.
10. Black women who contribute to any negative image black women may have are considered the archetype for every black woman rather than just being a product of  her environment, her own values and intentions, and how she was raised.

So no I'm not angry, because I know I am blessed, but if I was, I think these might be good reasons as to why. Let me know if you have more to add to this list. Blessings.

Helen Willis, The Zebress

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